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We understand that finding the time or finding the right information can be a challenge, so we have created a list of our favourite resources! This list is always getting added to and we love to hear suggestions from our clients on resources that have helped them to add!


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The National Disability Insurance Scheme can be overwhelming and confusing at times to navigate. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have but here are some handy links which might answer some of your questions: 


Is my child eligible? 


If your child is under the age of 9:

If your child is over the age of 9:

Who do I contact locally for help? 


The NDIA have enlisted the help from 2 local area coordinators to assist families with their NDIS journey. Locally this is Lifestart for under 9s and Uniting for over 9s. 


We love supporting small businesses and we are very lucky to have some amazing local stores and some great online shops who have lots of great resources for our clients.


Gestalt Language Processing Training -

Liberator AAC -

Tobii Dynavox -

Link Assistive -

Neurodiversity Resources -

Neurodiversity affirming practice information & training for professionals & families who support autistic & neurodivergent children -

Speech Sound Information -

Practical AAC tips -

​We love a good online community who provide insights, ideas and fellowship around communication! Here are a few of our favourites - 

  • AAC and gestalt language processing

  • Ask me, I'm an AAC user

  • Dyslexia support Aus

  • Natural Language Acquisition Study Group

  • LAMP Words for Life Users Group

  • ADHD support Australia

  • AAC Through Motivate, Model and Move Out of the Way

  • AAC in the Cloud

  • Accent Users Group

  • DIRFloortime Australia

  • Switch Adapted Toys Buy, Sell, Swap Australia

  • The Zones of Regulation in Action

  • ADHD Support Australia

  • GoTalk Now AAC and GoVisual Scene Apps

  • NDIS Grassroots Discussion

  • NDIS Speech Pathology

  • Talking With Tech

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