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We offer appointments as standard care at our clinic in Dapto just off the Highway, but we know that your children may require therapy outside of the clinic walls for them to feel comfortable and to be able to work with them within their normal environments. Below are additional services we offer to cater for everyone's needs. 

Kids Playing with Balloons


Speech Pathology assessments can investigate a wide range of communication and feeding difficulties.


These assessments can determine your child's skills in language understanding and use, what sounds they say, their reading and writing skills as well as if they would benefit from Augmentative and Alternative (AAC) options.

Home schooling


Providing support to your child in
their everyday environments is vital to making substantial
and ongoing change to their
communication and feeding skills.

Home visits enable them to feel
comfortable and relaxed which leads to better engagement in
our therapy.

Healthy Eating


Eating is such a fundamental element of our day. Which means when eating becomes difficult,
stress and anxiety is sure to follow.

If your child is a picky eater or a problem feeder, they will likely
require support to learn how to eat a more varied diet. Our team are trained in SOS Feeding as well as Responsive Led Feeding approaches.

Classmates in the Library


Our clinic at Dapto has been designed to be an inclusive space which allows our clients to feel comfortable and able to regulate and learn. We have a large sensory space as well as smaller clinic rooms so there is something for everyone! 

Woman Tutoring Child


Children spend such a large proportion of their day at school.

By providing therapy strategies and support to their teachers, therapy can continue in this environment as well as at home.

School visits are organised with each individual school and are at the discretion of the school. 

Child Activity


Throughout the year, we offer a number of group programs either during the school term or through the school holidays. 

Each group is purposefully created and tailored to suit the needs of the clients who are attending. 

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